Linux powered coffee roasting

At the end of my LCA talk this year I forgot to show the final slide, which had the links to the code for the USB preload and pyRoast.

So if you want to try adapting the USB preload code for your own project, the slides of my talk may be useful

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  1. Amit Shah says:

    Hey Andrew, I just saw the video of the talk, very nice!

    Just a note to let you know that qemu-kvm can be used as well instead of virtualbox — it’s completely free (no proprietary addons). Though the GUI virt-manager isn’t as feature-rich as virtualbox’es, we’re getting there :-)

    [btw: virtualbox uses a very old fork of qemu and qemu's been evolving at a rapid pace. USB2 support isn't avl. in qemu as well so far, but there's a branch being maintained and collecting patches.]

  2. tridge says:

    yes, I’ve used qemu/kvm for USB sniffing before, and it does work well, except that I couldn’t find a way to attach/detach a USB device on the fly. Being able to re-attach is really useful when doing this sort of work.

    I use the GPLd version of VirtualBox, without the proprietary add-ons. That only gives me USB1, but its quite sufficient for this sort of work.

    Thanks for all your work on qemu/kvm! I have used it a lot for creating virtual clusters to test Samba with CTDB, and its a fantastic piece of work.

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