Samba4 DRS replication

There has been a lot of progress recently in the development of the directory server capabilities of Samba4. I thought it would be worthwhile putting together a video that shows off some of those capabilities.

You can see the video here:

(if you have a fast link and can play Ogg videos, there is a high quality version too)

The video shows a few things:

  • provisioning a Samba4 domain controller
  • joining a Windows 2008 R2 machine as an additional domain controller for the Samba domain
  • joining an additional Samba domain controller to the same domain
  • adding a user and seeing changes to the user propogate between the domain controllers

There is a lot more to do in Samba4, but we are making very rapid progress now. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this effort!

Cheers, Tridge

PS: If you’ve having trouble playing the videos on windows, you may want to install the x264 codec. See for a downloadable codec pack for windows media player.

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  1. [...] creator Andrew Tridgell, better known as Tridge, posted to his blog, “There has been a lot of progress recently in the development of the directory [...]

  2. xeros says:

    Thanks for great presentation of the power of Samba 4!
    Is the Samba 4 LDAP schema/structure stable enough to make it run on production server without the risk of (all) data loss in LDAP database after upgrade/patching to new Samba 4 version?
    I was going to install Samba 3.4 with OpenLDAP + Postfix extensions schema as PDC with migrating profiles for Windows XP clients in my network but… I wanted to integrate DHCP+DNS, NTP, Postfix and later Squid, Jabber into this LDAP database as well. I’ve got working DHCP+DNS (MAC based for all hosts in my network), NTP (server + NTP service client compiled for Windows) and Squid (everything without LDAP now) and I’ve done successfull test install of PDC on Samba with migrating profiles (for user registry, desktop and documents) on Samba 3.4 with OpenLDAP. Now, I’m really thinking about giving a try with Samba 4 as think I could do more things later in configuration of Samba 4. Adding hosts in DNS is not an issue for me now because I’ve got all (~90) machines in dynamic DHCP+DNS configuration and I’m going to have one Samba 4 server as single AD Domain Controller in single forest/tree (for now). I don’t need printing support in AD because I’ve got all the IP printers installed on workstations. I’d like to later make some mail configuration with Postfix+LDAP on Samba schema extensions for all users.
    Could Samba 4 meet my needs?
    I know I can encounter some bugs but looking at the bug tracking they don’t look so critical (or maybe I don’t know they are critical in even simple configurations(?)).

  3. Zoly says:

    Can’t wait to be out, will fit nicely in a ClearOS project.

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